Custom Content
Operating System

PX ZERO enables seamless hardware and software management, enabling retailers and event managers to update content from anywhere, at anytime.


Increase Visitor Engagement

Deliver engaging interactive experiences to visitors.

Control all your screens remotely

Manage screens across multiple locations. Schedule, and Deploy Interactive content across all your devices from anywhere, at any time.

Gather Feedback & Insights

Generate qualified leads based on real offline interactions, from games to branded surveys.

PX ZERO Supports Multi-media Content

Branded Interactive

Deploy interactive games, surveys, or 3rd party content.

Advertising Carousel

Schedule brand assets (videos & images) to run on custom schedules and screen configurations.

Product Vending Interface

Supports Trackable Sampling, or Product Vending Machines.
PX ZERO FuNctions

Content Management System

Control what content and campaigns are displayed, on the screens you want, when you want.

PX ZERO FuNctions

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor all user interactions, by hardware, campaign, or custom category.

PX ZERO FuNctions

3rd Party

Easily embed external or existing applications into
PX Zero devices.

PX ZERO FuNctions

Real-Time Surveys

Run onsite surveys and see results in real-time

PX ZERO FuNctions

Smart Interactive Sampling
& Vending

Control what products are dispensed based on visitor interactions or preferences

Smart Vending & Sampling

Multi-product, multi-payment compatible vending and sampling solution


Booth, Product, Facilities
Search and Navigation

Revenue Share Opportunities

Get revenue split from vending sales from venues or shopping malls


Multi-media content with customer interaction

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