How Useful Is Your Data?

(Data Assets Diagnostic Assessment

Every organization has data assets, but not everyone can make full use of their data or know how it should be applied.

Hidden Trends
Cultural Rhythms
Signal from Noise

Trends Consulting

Take advantage of the latest trends in technology and marketing to take your brand marketing to the next level.

Innovation Consultancy

You don't need to be in Silicon Valley to innovate. With the right approach, you can make use of mature technologies to improve efficiencies and create new business models.


Digital Strategy

We apply Digital Business Models to help you gain competitive advantages for the digital era.

New Retail Strategy

We are designing innovative approaches and solutions for the retail industry, from guided discovery, to data-driven insights.

Guided Discovery
Catchment Analytics
Traffic Monitoring
Data Integration
Shopper Engagement & Insights

Navigation & Indoor Mapping

xBIM is a web-based, indoor navigation and 3D floorplan design tool. Publish navigation maps to any touchscreen at your venue or event.

xBIM Product

Event Management Software

Manage and track performance of your event using established event technology solutions from partners across the industry and globe

Deploy Interactive Content

Engage consumers with interactive content, manage screens and capture data remotely with PX Zero

See PX Zero

Intelligent Business Matching

Enhance networking and lead generation for conferences and events


Enhance offline customer experiences with personalized products and interactions

Event Analytics

Measure and share dashboards, analyze event performance

Event Heatmap

Real-time Surveys

Understand on-the-ground visitor sentiment via real-time surveys

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