xBIM is a Software as a Service that publishes venue maps to any touchscreen or app.

Use Cases


Event Venues



Intelligent indoor maps and directions

Smart Recomendations

External map orientation

Scan to get items or location

Collect and Create Journeys

Real-time Navigation

Provide Better Navigation Experiences For Visitors

Create 3D Venue Maps In A Few Clicks

xBIM lets you import CAD floorplan files of your venue and create 3D maps automatically

Deploy To Any Connected Touchscreen or App

xBIM is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that publishes visitor maps to any touchscreen device with wifi and a chrome browser.

xBIM Pricing Models

Project Based

Pay by booth drawing fee

For users with single projects

Single project

Pay by number of booths

Limited number of booths

No discount on booth drawing fee

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